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Birkin Portrait

"The twentieth century has produced a brutally competitive atmosphere totally hostile to the creative artist.
An artist should be judged individually for the quality of his work.  If the work has vitality, this is a major contribution to the life force we call art.

The independence of the painter is never more alive than in a solo exhibition of his work.  It is at this time that the artist presents a complete statement usually several years of work.  The public is invited to view the work, hopefully to become involved with it.”

–Morton Birkin   

For a detailed timeline of Mr. Birkin's artistic career, including past exhibitions and one man shows, please click below.


Quotes about Birkin's work

“Birkin’s New York is a city of stalagmites, rising from the ground as though by natural formation…. These atmospheric moods which Birkin accomplishes so well and probably from recollection rather than direct from nature, were the lifetime goal of no less a great than Claude Monet whose landscape series painted from nature established him as the Birkin in 1981 foremost mood impressionist”

The Critic Feb. 1963

“The jagged expressive shapes of Morton Birkin’s abstract landscapes erupt torturously.  For him nature is a force, not a static concept of beauty.”

Arts Digest Mar. 1955

“Birkin’s paintings succeed thoroughly in conveying the atmosphere of his subjects and at the same time in making an extremely sensuous and personal composition. Color line and form all fuse into unity with tones seductive and expressive”

-James Johnson Sweeney Former Director
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


"With spontaneity and control I express the lyricism and dynamic power of the mysteries of nature… the canyons of the city merge with the canyons of the mountains echoing their voiceless sounds."

–Morton Birkin